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About us

With the number of people suffering blood clots running into the several million in just North America and Europe alone, it can clearly be seen to be an all too regular problem.

The fact that it has become so common, has resulted in numerous approaches to treatment and prevention.

Our role at is to highlight the treatments, old, new and forthcoming, as well as bringing to your attention all the ‘gadgets’ old and new which are available worldwide.

If YOU are a medic or indeed a supplier of instruments, medications or what we term ‘gadgets’ for prevention (socks, foot pumps/exercisers etc), we would be EXTREMELY grateful if you would share your expertise with

We are NON COMMERCIAL and are looking to do no more than help those that may have suffered a blood clot or are suffering and worrying about a reoccurrence etc.

Having known several sufferers of DVT, the anxiety which can be carried for years after ‘cure’, can indeed destroy the quality of life, unnecessarily so!

Help us to help provide information which everyone should know.

The history of DVT is quite limited. Today, many of the deaths from history may have been as a result of DVT.  Once family alone had numerous deaths that ‘may’ have been attributed to DVT and PE. We may be adding a historical element of DVT.